Queries Deprecation, Host Tags, Postgres Index Metrics, Aurora Detection

Posted by Release Notes on Jun 24, 2016 5:09:56 PM

Here are the update notes for the period of June 12 - June 24, 2016. Let us know if you have any questions!

App Changes:

- The deprecation of the Compare Queries dashboard is now complete, and the compare toggler in the Profiler has been opened to 100% of customers. This toggler behaves similarly to Compare Queries but is much faster and allows users to take advantage of all rankings in the Profiler. Visitors to Compare Queries will be redirected with this page:

Compare Queries Redirect

- Added support for filtering hosts by associated tags. To add tags to a host, go to the “Hosts” page within the app and click on the “Settings” button for a given host. When the “Edit Host” dialogue appears, you’ll find a field for entering tags.

Host Tagging

You’re then able to enter as many space-separated tags as you like. Examples of possible tag filters include:

  • #tag (matching hosts tagged as "tag")
  • #role (matching hosts tagged with tags like "role=master")
  • #role=master (matching exact tag and value)

- Postgres index metrics are now available. The app will collect metrics based on the size of individual indexes in the database. Please note, the feature is disabled by default, as it can have a performance impact if the user has an especially large number of tables with multiple indexes. However, if you would like to have index metrics enabled for your server, please reach out to our support team. When enabled, the metrics can be viewed on the Metrics page by filtering to “host.indexes.”

- Rankings for unavailable metrics are now hidden in the Profiler (this depends on and changes based on the hosts you filtered). This will help clean up views in the Profiler where it was previously presenting ranking options for customers for whom they did not apply. For example, the Profiler will no longer show MySQL processlist items for users who only have PostgreSQL hosts.

- Users can now select which metric to use in the Hosts Breakdown widget of the Query Details page. Example:

Hosts Breakdown

Agent Changes:

- Agent updated to handle a case where username was missing in MySQL connections. We discovered that one or more versions of PHP’s MySQL driver sends a login command that violates MySQL’s wire protocol and caused us to ignore it. Following this update, the agent now handles the login and reports the user that connected correctly.

- Improved detection for Aurora. This update is based on a discovered bug triggered by interactions between MySQL and Aurora, elaborated upon here. Now the agent will automatically detect if it is monitoring an Aurora instance and disable running a bad query; we have fixed an edge case in that detection.


- Updated free network analyzers on the "Resources" section of the website. These can be found and downloaded here.