OneLogin Out of Beta, Optimizing Download Size, and Off-Host Ranking

Posted by Release Notes on Feb 8, 2017 12:43:04 PM

Here are the update notes for the period of January 23, 2017 - February 3, 2017. Let us know if you have any questions!

App Changes:

  • The integration of OneLogin's SAML and SCIM is now out of beta and available to all enterprise users.
  • Optimized the VividCortex app’s download size, by approximately 600 kB.
  • Added a text description of errors to the Query Details Notifications widget.
    Query Widget Text.jpg

  • Users can now rank databases in the Profiler when monitoring MySQL and PostgreSQL in an off-host configuration. PostgreSQL users will need to update the helper functions for the agents with the latest version in our docs in order to get data for this view. Find the helper functions here:
    Profiler Ranks.jpg

  • Improved the look and feel of the Settings > Authentication page, and added more information related to setting up authentication via Okta and OneLogin.
    Auth Page Look and Feel Improvement.jpg
  • Improved the display of Query Detail errors.
    Query Error Details.jpg

Agent Changes:

  • Queries will now have trailing comma characters truncated when digested.
  • Updated the uninstall script to remove leftover files that were not being deleted.