Best Practices, Top Queries on Summary Pages, and Chart Page Updates

Posted by Release Notes on Sep 6, 2017 5:31:05 PM

Here are the update notes for August 2017. Let us know if you have any questions!

  • Support added to the Profiler for ranking Queries, Databases and Verbs by Shared Blocks Hit, Shared Blocks Read, Shared Blocks Dirtied, Shared Blocks Written, Local Blocks Hit, Local Blocks Read, Local Blocks Dirtied, Local Blocks Written, Temp Blocks Read, Temp Blocks Written, Block Read Time and Block Write Time.
  • The new Best Practices dashboard is ready for general release this week.
    Aug Update 1.png

    Aug Update 2.png

  • Changed the direction of the "table sorting direction" icons.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented PG query explains from showing all tables.

  • Improved sample visualization by sorting samples by time.
    Aug Update 3.png

  • The setup wizard now includes common agent options.
    Aug Update 4.png

  • In the Summary page, a new widget has been added, labeled, "Top queries that might need an index," as seen here: 

    Aug Update 5.png

    This feature will fetch the top 20 queries, as ranked by time. It will then fetch those queries' no_index.tput metrics and show any that have non-zero no_index observations during the defined time interval.

  • The top processes widget has been removed from the Summary page.
  • The row in the Profiler showing totals has been removed when filtering by query text or tags, due to incorrect data being shown. The percentage numbers and blue bar charts have also been hidden as a result.

  • The Node Groups view of the Inventory tool is now enabled for all customers (although please note that it is only visible if there are MongoDB hosts in the environment).

  • Increased the limit of viewable charts to 30 per page on the Machine View dashboard. This way the pagination is not shown for a collection using this view, and all charts can load at once.