VividCortex is a flexible and dynamic monitoring solution that services a variety of users with many different demands. Here are some of its features that are most popular with customers, across industries. 

Top-Ranking Capabilities

VividCortex can top-rank database metrics by any dimension and show which heavy-hitting aspects are causing the most strain on the system or represent the largest portion of its workload. The Profiler Dashboard is specifically designed to make it easy to view and organize these rankings.

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Intuitive User Interface

VividCortex’s application is arranged to make navigation streamlined and easy. Its visual presentation is made up of several sections on the page. Users can navigate between various tools with the left-hand navigation pane; filter, sort, and change display options with the tools in the header; and view the main content of any view in the center of the page.

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Adaptive Fault Detection

Adaptive Fault Detection is a patented technology that VividCortex uses to find small interruptions in the server or in service availability. A fault is best described as a small stall, where requests for work (queries, I/O operations) continue to arrive but are not properly serviced. Finding faults while they are small can avoid serious outages later.

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One-Second Granularity

VividCortex monitors thousands of metrics of your systems in 1-second resolution, providing unprecedented visibility. These measurements pertain to queries that execute in all databases we support; counters and status metrics that are exposed by those queries; operating system host metrics including disk, network, CPU and memory; and per-process metrics such as CPU and memory.

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Mission critical events can happen in your environment while you're away. Our alerting feature allows you to integrate with your preferred communication channel and route alerts to various destinations.

VividCortex supports two types of alerts: Event Alerts are alerts generated when an event happens in your account. Threshold Alerts are alerts generated when a metric exceeds a designated threshold.

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The Time Selector

VividCortex always displays data for a range of time, and the Time Selector is a powerful tool that allows the user to customize that range dynamically, to view data in as particular a scope as necessary.The Time Selector makes it easy to control this range and exclude hosts that are not active during the range.

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