VividCortex's intuitive interface is rooted in its flexible and specialized dashboards, easily navigable and indexed in the left column of the app. Find some of VividCortex's most powerful insights readily available and configured in these dashboard setups.


VividCortex captures an enormous amount of data, and the Summary Dashboard helps users make sense of it, reducing their time-to-insight. It features widgets with automatic displays for Top 5 Queries by Total Time, Top 5 Queries by User CPU, Application Overview, Critical Events, and more.

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The Profiler Dashboard is a powerful, dynamic dashboard for ranking and filtering activity on your servers: It can instantly show you what needs attention and it provides a unified view of all your database types that VividCortex monitors. It enables you to view and understand your system by profiling it according to its most significant attributes—customized and selected by you.

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VividCortex’s unique adaptive fault detection is one of its most powerful features. Faults are clear indicators of where a system is failing to perform work as efficiently as it should. This dashboard displays all the faults that VividCortex has detected, with detailed information about the time of the fault and the activity that surrounded it.

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The Events Dashboard is a powerful interactive feature for discovering timely information about systems, allowing you to swiftly filter, select, and drill down from a summary into an event’s details. Events that VividCortex displays include a disk becoming full or nearly full, a server configuration changing, or a query returning an error to a client application.

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VividCortex monitors thousands of metrics in your system, and the Charts and Dashboard’s navigation pane allows you to toggle, customize, and enable various categories of generated charts. You can then easily navigate and examine the charts’ metrics with mouseover and zoom capabilities.

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The Metrics Dashboard displays a list of metrics and lets you organize them as you see best fit. As with the Queries Dashboard, you can filter results in the Metrics Dashboard based on several options, including the metric name (complete or partial), host, and timeframe when the metric was first seen or last active.

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This dashboard displays a list of queries and allows you to filter them with powerful specificity. Filters can be set according to query text, host, and timeframe when the query was first seen / last active.

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