Understand the Impact of Code Deployment

With every code deployment, there's the risk of unintended effects on your database. VividCortex helps application and service engineers see exactly how new code affects database performance and workload, even before it is deployed. VividCortex enables your team to ship better code faster and feel confident about how it’ll interact with the data tier.

Easily Analyze Query Issues  Before & After Code Deploy










Quickly Inspect Query Behavior Across Servers

Code Deploy GOF 20190226

  • Step 1: Start on the Profiler page to see the behavior of individual queries.
  • Step 2: Deploy marker appears as a vertical line, correlated with any query behavior change 
  • Step 3: Drilling into a specific query, you can inspect its characteristics and execution plan. 

You can also see how new code may be impacting resource utilization.


  • Select a query from Profiler or Explorer, then drill into the query details to inspect them.
  • Scrolling down on query details reveals that this query is spending much more time on Staging1 than api1. This could be a performance issue, imbalance, bad routing, etc.


"We deploy new software 20 times a day sometimes... Real-time monitoring is the only way to keep our wheels running." -- MySQL DBA Team Lead, Shopify

To learn more about how VividCortex is helping industry leaders understand the impact of code deployment with best-in-class database performance monitoring, see case studies for DraftKings, Flow, and SendGrid as well as Shopify.

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