Database Monitoring and Performance Management

Eliminate your most critical APM visibility gaps

 VividCortex is the best way to improve your database performance, efficiency, and uptime. It’s a secure, cloud-hosted platform that eliminates your most critical APM visibility gap, providing deep insights into production database workload and query performance. VividCortex uses patented algorithms to surface relevant insights, so you can proactively fix problems before they impact customers.

It measures the performance and resource consumption of every statement and transaction, and it delves deeper than traditional monitoring solutions, which focus on vanity metrics and only capture a superficial, app-centric view.


Databases Supported:


VividCortex is configurable to run on either on-host or off-host,
with services such as Amazon RDS.




Care database monitoring with VividCortexKing database monitoring with VividCortexGithub database monitoring with VividCortexYelp database monitoring with VividCortexEtsy database monitoring with VividCortex



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