Infrastructure Cost Savings

Database Performance Monitoring Drives Resource Optimization 


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Eliminate Over-Provisioning and Maximize System Utilization to Streamline Operations and Reduce Overhead Costs



VividCortex makes it easy to identify which subsets of your database's workloads are consuming too many resources. Use those insights to achieve better performance from your servers, decrease your datacenter footprint, and offset hardware purchases. 

VividCortex helps reduce key-person risk, capacity risk and process risk.  By providing your entire engineering team with secure visibility into database performance, developers can better grasp how their code affects resource utilization and other team members can mitigate risks if a DBA is unavailable.

And of course, as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, VividCortex is always on and accessible from anywhere. Our software is dramatically less expensive, just as secure, and more nimble than any on-premise alternative.

Proven Results




90% Decrease in Temporary Tables Usage

SalesLoft engineers use historical view in VividCortex to track patterns in system utilization, so they can accurately plan out and optimize system resources. This allows smaller instance sizes and corresponding decreases in hardware spend.  See Case Study

Discount Dance Supply



~500 ms Improvement in UI Response Time 

Discount Dance Supply reached its 6 month goal for improving service to customers. "We started using New Relic for APM, SOASTA for front-end, and then we got started with VividCortex. Of those three, VividCortex probably gave us the biggest bang for the buck." -- Chief Technology Officer.  See Case Study



Set the Stage for 50% Cost Savings

"I can show one particular piece of software that needs to be improved. If we do that, we can reduce the cost on hardware to half because we don't need as much RAM." - MySQL DBA Team Lead, Shopify  
See Case Study



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