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Database Performance Monitoring for Your Entire Engineering Team

Organizations count on us everyday to help them measure and optimize interactions between their applications and open source databases.  From Start-up to Enterprise, VividCortex scales with you at no overhead cost.

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If it’s handcrafted, vintage, custom, or unique, it’s on Etsy.

"With VividCortex, I don’t have to wait for an end user, or a developer, or a log line to tell me that something is not okay. I have instant information… VividCortex has given us an entirely new dimension on our upgrade testing that we didn’t have before. The value of that can’t be overstated."  — Senior MySQL Ops Engineer 

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SendGrid manages huge volume of data, sending 30+ billion emails per month.

"Granting our development teams access to VividCortex has enabled them, and driven more ownership and accountability. The turn-around time for identifying a performance problem, pusing a fix, and confirming the result is dramatically lower."  — Manager of Product Operations 

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"I'm happy to be using VividCortex. It's already identified  several "hidden" and impacting query issues that I really would not have seen or looked for without VividCortex. I rarely publicly endorse any technology but VividCortex is one that I'm enthusiastic to tell others about."   —  Data Scientist



VividCortex has enabled DC Energy to see and resolve minor slow-downs and performance hiccups, preventing downtime before it happens. DC Energy is now able to quickly see the queries that are running often or consuming large resources and compare them over time.

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"Today, Quizlet has completed its migration to Cloud SQL. We’ve realized all our expected gains from the move including read performance, reliability and toil reduction. And we’ve garnered unexpected benefits in terms of cost reduction and increased predictability of write latency. So I’m happy to say that our cloud migration project is a success – and VividCortex played an essential role in making it happen." - Senior Director of Technical Infrastructure

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