• Shopify Video Case Study

    Video Case Study

    "We deploy new software 20 times a day sometimes. Each one of these new deploys, could bring new queries. Tracking those queries without VividCortex would take 24 hours. Real-time monitoring is the only way to keep our wheels running." 

    — Sergio Roysen, MySQL DBA, Team Lead

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  • Etsy Case Study

    Case Study

    Etsy Keeps Their Global Community Engaged With A High-Performance Data Platform 

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"I'm happy to be using VividCortex. It's already identified several "hidden" and impacting query issues that I really would not have seen or looked for without VividCortex. I rarely publicly endorse any technology but VividCortex is one that I'm enthusiastic to tell others about. The people who make it are deep thinkers with an encouraging attitude, the concepts are comprehensively researched, and the technology works both in the demo and in my production environment."

Mark Lehmann, Data Scientist


SendGrid manages a tremendous amount of data, sending over 30 billion emails per month. This video highlights how SendGrid's engineering team -- who handle over 30 clusters of MySQL and nearly 200 servers -- scales their databases, even as SendGrid's infrastructure and environment continue to grow.

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"With VividCortex, I don’t have to wait for an end user, or a developer, or a log line to tell me that something is not okay. I have instant information… VividCortex has given us an entirely new dimension on our upgrade testing that we didn’t have before. The value of that can’t be overstated."

Jeremy Tinley, Sr. MySQL Ops Engineer

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"I look at top queries on a daily basis. I recognize what is there, what should be there, and am able to quickly pull something out that is garnering way too many resources and re-architect it."

Todd Newell, Database Engineer


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BuyerQuest had a couple of issues that they were able to spot before they became outages. They saw what was going on thanks to VividCortex, and within minutes they pinpointed what they needed to do.

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With VividCortex, DC Energy is able to diagnose problems in minutes, instead of the 30 minutes to one hour. Even more valuable, VividCortex has enabled DC Energy to see and resolve minor slow-downs and performance hiccups, preventing downtime before it happens.

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Flow provides a turn-key platform for e-commerce companies to go global, capturing international demand for their products. In this video, learn how the Flow engineering team uses VividCortex to diagnose issues in system performance; receive realtime feedback; and ensure the integrity of their product.

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We use VividCortex to make sure that as new releases go to production, that new queries are performing as we expect to make sure that input output stats remain steady and to help diagnose performance blips as well. 
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Since introducing VividCortex, Tradesy has achieved higher deployment frequency. Deployments are faster too, and Tradesy developers find any setbacks “super easy to spot.” From there, they’re pros at making quick fixes, adding indexes, or addressing whatever else needs to be handled.

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With VividCortex, SalesLoft was able to decrease its use of temporary tables by 90%, which allowed its engineers to reduce their instance sizes, saving substantial operational costs.

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