January 13 2015

VividCortex Launches Database Monitoring for PostgreSQL Today

Cloud-Based Solution Rapidly Pinpoints Performance Issues and Provides Actionable Intelligence.

Charlottesville, Virginia (PRWEB) January 13, 2015 - VividCortex™, pioneer of Database Performance Intelligence software, today announced general availability of database monitoring for PostgreSQL. This announcement extends VividCortex’s industry-leading insight to the world’s most sophisticated open-source relational database. Companies that depend on PostgreSQL to power their demanding applications now have a cloud-based PostgreSQL performance monitoring platform to help them measure and improve performance more easily and in deeper detail than ever before.

Since launching in early 2014, VividCortex has given customers an unparalleled view under the hood of their production database servers, allowing developers, managers and executives to see exactly what is happening. The results speak for themselves. Companies from gaming to web services to retail depend on VividCortex to improve application availability and performance, accelerate IT delivery, and reduce infrastructure costs. According to Valerie Parham, WebAssign DBA, “VividCortex gives us levels of detail that aren’t available on other tools, and these insights allow us to monitor, identify, and resolve problems quickly. We are able to detect and fix problems well in advance.”

With today’s release, VividCortex brings the same level of detailed insight to PostgreSQL, the most advanced open-source relational database system. PostgreSQL has a reputation of reliability and accuracy. It has won numerous awards, and has been awarded the Linux Journal Editors’ Choice Award for best DBMS five times. The highly scalable database manages terabytes of data in many production deployments. Such demanding uses require proper performance management for maximum efficiency, and VividCortex is the only product on the market that offers the fine-grained detail needed. Tim Chadwick, Principal Engineer of Infrastructure at Dyn, explains how VividCortex is used to improve overall system performance. “Our goal is to have a single tool for assessing the health and performance of our data plane. As an OSS supporter leveraging the strengths of MySQL and PostgreSQL, VividCortex allows us to accomplish this and gives us more insight than any other tool.”

Baron Schwartz, CEO and Founder of VividCortex, said “Today’s data-intensive applications don’t use a single database. So-called ‘polyglot persistence’ is the norm, with many companies running 5, 10 or even more database technologies on the backend, all of them distributed and highly scaled. With each release VividCortex brings customers deeper analysis of everything in the database and operating system, through a unified interface, across a diversity of platforms and technologies. Expanding our platform to monitor PostgreSQL is an important step in our roadmap to provide unified, server-centric performance intelligence for the modern data-driven enterprise.”

The unique technical approach of VividCortex includes:

  • Full query insight at microsecond detail, including CPU, I/O disk and network consumption
  • The ability to view and compare database and OS performance and key events over time
  • 1-second, high-resolution data measures metrics that directly affect system performance
  • Actionable intelligence through a visually streamlined interface that is easy-to-use
  • Less than one percent overhead by providing lightweight agent software and performing the computationally-intensive analysis and correlation in the VividCortex cloud

Pricing and Availability

30 day free trial of VividCortex for PostgreSQL is available through a simple signup. Installation takes minutes and requires no server restarts or configuration changes. Users gain access to an intuitive interface and responsive support staff within 90 seconds.

About VividCortex

Database management software is at the core of IT systems, but often operates as a black box. VividCortex has created the first Database Performance Intelligence software, a comprehensive tool designed specifically to provide actionable intelligence and a high definition window into the inner workings of databases with unprecedented detail, accuracy, and ease-of-use. Visit us at www.VividCortex.com and read our blog at VividCortex.com/blog/.

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