October 13 2016

VividCortex Introduces Role-Based Access Control and Single Sign-on

Scale Production Database Visibility Securely

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - VividCortex, the database monitoring company that helps businesses save money on their datacenter footprints by improving availability and performance, announced today that it has introduced Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Single Sign-On (SSO) to its cloud-hosted monitoring platform. These enterprise-class security features give organizations the ability to grow and scale their usage of VividCortex, while instilling confidence in their user management security and compliance. VividCortex's intuitive, point-and-click interface makes RBAC and SSO easy for engineering and application teams to setup and use.

With these additions, VividCortex brings enterprise-grade security and management features to a SaaS monitoring platform, and, for the first time, offers enterprise organizations a cloud-hosted solution as the superior choice over on-premise alternatives. RBAC and SSO continue VividCortex's initiative to deliver world-class security features and support to its users, providing the safest available platform for customers' data, a central focus for both VividCortex and its founder and CEO, Baron Schwartz.

"In today’s digital economy, database performance and availability can make or break a company," Schwartz said. "Giving more users—not just DBAs but developers and other engineering team members—visibility into a database’s performance in production, at no cost to security, is proven to generate more collaboration and proactive solutions for database performance issues. These insights lead to teams shipping higher quality code faster to customers. We’re making RBAC and SSO intuitive and integrated with existing processes and controls so that enterprises can get up and running quickly with minimal investment."

RBAC and SSO are new turnkey capabilities offered to VividCortex’s enterprise-level customers.

Role-Based Access Control

With VividCortex's RBAC, enterprise organizations are now able to create any number of teams in their environments, assign users to those teams, and, in turn, designate a role to all members of a team.  Administrators can easily customize and restrict user access to systems based on the permissions granted to those users’ roles ("read-only" or "read-write"), specific to team and environment. For example, a developer may have full read-write access in a staging environment but read-only access in production. Knowing exactly who has access to VividCortex in every department of the organization not only improves security and compliance, but also keeps users focused on the parts of VividCortex most relevant to their responsibilities. As employees change roles or leave the company, RBAC's intuitive UI makes it easy to modify or remove access privileges to maintain security.

Single Sign-On

With SSO, enterprise users have the option to switch from VividCortex's standard user and password access to SAML access, the industry standard, with integration available with companies’ existing identity providers. Once SAML is enabled, organizations can use their identity provider to create accounts and manage user permissions company-wide, as is standard for all Single Sign-On integrated services. By introducing SSO, VividCortex provides industry-standard secure authentication integration in the simple way that application teams and their users now expect. End users benefit from a convenient and consistent mechanism to log in to VividCortex without having to remember more passwords and usernames. IT operations can use their existing identity management system to automatically grant and revoke access and credentials, shrinking their administrative costs while strengthening security.

"Identity is the key to seamlessly and securely connecting people to technology in the enterprise," said Okta's Chuck Fontana, vice president of corporate and business development. "Okta SSO uses identity to bypass the hassle and security risk of managing various logins and passwords, giving VividCortex's users simple and secure access to the tools they want while allowing our common customers to maintain control of their IT environments."

To learn more about VividCortex's RBAC and SSO features and its database performance management solutions, visit www.vividcortex.com/role-based-access-control-and-single-sign-on.

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