September 5 2017

Expanded PostgreSQL Performance Management Capabilities

The latest release includes support for PostgreSQL 10 and new features such as SQL query analysis and best practice guidance

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – September 5, 2017 – VividCortex, the leader in database performance management, today announced expanded capabilities that provide users greater insight into their PostgreSQL workload and query performance, resulting in improved engineering productivity and better application performance, reliability, and uptime.  This latest release for PostgreSQL includes full support for PostgreSQL 10 — the open source database's newest release — and brand new performance management features, such as expanded best practice guidance and SQL query analysis. VividCortex is leading the charge in empowering businesses who need a reliable powerful, efficient way to manage performance and get the most from their PostgreSQL systems.

VividCortex's team will be unveiling and demoing these expanded features for attendees of PostgresOpen SV 2017 this week in San Francisco, where VividCortex is a Gold Level sponsor and will be present on the show floor at table #5.

“With version 10, the PostgreSQL community has once again improved the world’s most sophisticated open source database," said Baron Schwartz, VividCortex's CEO and founder. "We’re seeing PostgreSQL's popularity grow dramatically in our customer base. Our focus is helping businesses succeed with PostgreSQL by measuring and understanding query performance, because database performance is query performance. Our improved solution for PostgreSQL reflects our commitment to our customers and our excitement about PostgreSQL itself."

VividCortex has offered support for PostgreSQL since January 2015.  This new release provides the best and simplest way for PostgreSQL users to optimize database performance with new and innovative capabilities that include:

Complete Database Visibility

VividCortex is the first and only solution to provide complete visibility into the execution and performance of every transaction and query in PostgreSQL environments. Using automated profiling as well as intuitive dashboards and visualizations, teams can track latency, throughput, errors, and more, across any number of  PostgreSQL instances, instead of spending hours analyzing PostgreSQL query logs or manually executing and testing queries.

Best Practice Guidance

VividCortex reviews the settings in users' operating system, database instances, and replication setups, and identifies inconsistencies with PostgreSQL best practices in order to optimize performance and scalability. Best practice guidance helps users identify which metrics are important to track and how to evaluate them, as well as troubleshoot common problems unique to PostgreSQL. For the first time, with this release, users will be able to use VividCortex for PostgreSQL SQL query anti-pattern analysis.

Automated Configuration Security Checks

Designed to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks that take advantage of misconfigurations in PostgreSQL deployments, VividCortex continuously evaluates configurations to identify vulnerabilities and provide ongoing compliance status updates.

Streaming Replication Analysis

Streaming replication keeps standby PostgreSQL servers up-to-date with a copy of the primary’s data in realtime, for failover and scale-out. With VividCortex, users can now ensure that they have full visibility into the replication process and its health.

Support for PgBouncer and Citus

With this release, VividCortex now supports PgBouncer,  a popular PostgreSQL connection pooler. VividCortex continuously monitors the health and performance of PgBouncer, as well as PgBouncer-specific metrics, ensuring it is working at its peak capabilitiesperformance. VividCortex also adds support for Citus, a scale-out sharding and parallelism solution for building massive real-time distributed databases on top of standard community PostgreSQL.

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Most application performance issues originate in the database, but engineering teams lack visibility into the data tier.  VividCortex’s Database Performance Management platform provides unique insights into database workload and query performance, enabling teams to proactively resolve database issues faster.  The result is better application performance, reliability, and uptime.  Industry-leading companies like DraftKings, Etsy, GitHub, SendGrid, Shopify, and Yelp use VividCortex to innovate with confidence, visualizing, anticipating, and fixing database performance problems before they impact their applications and customers. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter, @VividCortex.

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