May 29 2019

Percona Live - VividCortex Spotlights Value of DevOps for the Database

CTO Baron Schwartz: Database DevOps Leaders Work Faster, Better, Cheaper

AUSTIN, TX – May 28, 2019.  VividCortex, the leading provider of database performance monitoring, has been advocating DevOps best practices since the company was established in 2012.  At Percona Live in Austin, founder and CTO Baron Schwartz will provide a timely update on advances in bringing a holistic DevOps approach to one aspect of software development where challenges are most common and consequential: the database.

On Thursday May 30, Schwartz will deliver a keynote on “Bringing DevOps to the Database.” In this talk, he will share industry insights and recommendations from his popular new ebook, Devops for the Database, where he set the stage by observing that:

“Most companies don’t include their databases in their DevOps practices… [but] applying DevOps culture and processes is just as helpful for the database as it is for the rest of the software development pipeline. Without DevOps, I’ve seen the database and/or the DBA become a critical bottleneck. With DevOps, I’ve seen teams enjoy all the benefits that DevOps brings to other parts of their systems and processes: faster, better, and cheaper, pick all three.”

Based on his own first-hand impressions and input from top practitioners across the DevOps community, Schwartz will look at what industry leaders mean when they talk about DevOps and how it is being leveraged successfully in the database arena by some firms and less effectively by others. He will focus on key benchmarks of progress in DevOps adoption for databases such as: infrastructure-as-code automation, continuous delivery, application/database decoupling, holistic database observability, expanding developer responsibility, and DBA empowerment.

In both his talk at Percona Live and his book, Schwartz says that he hopes to reach “a broad, mostly technical audience of software developers/engineers; DBAs, SREs, and technical operations staff as well as Managers, Directors, and VPs, all the way up to and including CTOs. Anyone with responsibility for building and running data-intensive applications who wants to modernize and automate as much as they can for speed, stability, and efficiency.”

VividCortex is also participating in a Percona Live keynote panel on “The Changing Face of Open Source.”  Abigail Bromilow, Director of Product Management, will join speakers from Alibaba, Continuent, Percona and Veritas for a discussion of topics impacting the database ecosystem. Percona Live attendees can also see Hansel Akers demo the VividCortex platform.

Visit VividCortex at booth #105 in the Percona Live Expo Hall.  

To see the upcoming Baron Schwartz keynote address, watch the Percona Live 2019 website for video recordings that will be available shortly after the event. To get a free copy of his ebook today, visit the VividCortex website Resources section.


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