September 19 2019

PatientPing Drives Better Healthcare with a Healthy Database

Engineers Take Ownership of Their Code with Database Monitoring 

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – September 19, 2019 VividCortex, the premier provider of database performance monitoring, announced today that it has published a new case study that shows how PatientPing, a leader in healthcare information technology, is providing its engineers with deep visibility into the way their application and database work together in order to continually strengthen the company’s support for patients and providers.


PatientPing’s nationwide care coordination platform reduces healthcare costs by keeping medical professionals abreast of patients’ treatment across facilities and giving care providers immediate access to critical patient history so it is vitally important that the application interacts effectively with its MySQL database. That is why the PatientPing engineering team has taken proactive steps to monitor and optimize database performance. 

"We empower developers to understand exactly how their code behaves in production… We have tools in place for monitoring application performance and hardware resources, but the database was essentially a black box. VividCortex solved this for us. Every team now has access to real-time data on how each of their queries is impacting the system, and they can tune their own code in response,” said Ryan Sharer, Vice President of Engineering at PatientPing.

When PatientPing implemented VividCortex, data engineers immediately saw opportunities for improvement. By using VividCortex to uncover individual queries that were not working as intended, the PatientPing team has made changes that enabled some of those queries to run up to 10x faster. In one case, the team discovered that a query pattern was causing substantial memory loss every time it ran, so they refactored the code and reduced the frequency of that query pattern’s use. As a result, the PatientPing app quickly achieved double-digit reductions in memory usage and stabilized at a new sustainable level, mitigating the risk of potential outages. 

"I’m thrilled that our software platform is helping PatientPing’s engineers speed database and application performance, so healthcare can be delivered more quickly and efficiently,” said Amena Ali, CEO of VividCortex. “It is great to see that enabling PatientPing’s developers to observe and optimize their code in production is having such a tremendous impact in reducing costs and improving service availability.”

“The bottom line here at PatientPing is supporting our customers by optimizing every interaction between our app and database as well as mitigating potential risks,” says Heidi Schmidt, Data Engineer, who has trained dozens of her team members on VividCortex database monitoring. “...With greater visibility, we’re able to take proactive measures to keep our database healthy!”   

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