November 11 2014

MySQL Database Performance Intelligence for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

VividCortex's Cloud-Based Solution Rapidly Pinpoints Performance Issues and Provides Actionable Intelligence

LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired - November 11, 2014) - (AWS re:Invent conference) – VividCortex™, pioneer of Database Performance Intelligence software, today announced its support for Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for MySQL. The importance of database management software has steadily grown with the advent of Cloud Computing and Big Data technologies. However, until now database performance issues have been difficult to anticipate, identify, or correct because of a patchwork of inadequate tools that present an incomplete and blurry picture to engineers. VividCortex is the first comprehensive tool designed specifically to provide actionable intelligence and a high-definition window into the inner workings of databases, with unprecedented detail, accuracy, and ease-of-use.

Amazon RDS is a web service that allows users to set up, operate, scale, or resize a relational database in the cloud. With VividCortex, customers have, for the first time, access to insightful data that can help them meet service levels and optimize their infrastructure.

Using a highly-acclaimed user interface that simplifies performance tracking and management, VividCortex enables non-technical users to see and understand database performance issues, helps database administrators (DBA) to pinpoint performance issues rapidly, and allows database developers (DEV) to identify potential problems during initial tests. By fostering a closer collaboration between DEV and DBA teams, VividCortex accelerates the software development process and facilitates the DevOps approach.

VividCortex is unique in its technical approach because it provides:

  • Comprehensive tracking of all performance parameters that impact service levels and the performance of individual database queries
  • Accurate measurement of performance metrics that may not be readily provided by the system
  • Astute correlation of performance indicators that other tools overlook or are unable to measure
  • Actionable intelligence in a visually streamlined and easy-to-use user interface
  • Less than one percent overhead by providing lightweight agent software and performing the computationally-intensive analysis and correlation in the VividCortex cloud.

Pricing and Availability

A free trial of VividCortex for Amazon RDS is available by contacting VividCortex.

About VividCortex

Database management software is at the core of IT systems, but often operates as a black box. VividCortex has created the first Database Performance Intelligence software, a comprehensive tool designed specifically to provide actionable intelligence and a high definition window into the inner workings of databases with unprecedented detail, accuracy, and ease-of-use. Visit us at and read our blog at

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