August 30, 2016

Webinar: 5 Tips on Determining the Most Impactful Metrics in Your App

On August 30 at 2pm EDTMatt Williams of Datadog and Preetam Jinka of VividCortex discussed the best ways to define and monitor your app's most important performance metrics.

It’s wise to monitor as many metrics as you can, but tracking an ever-expanding set of statistics can slow down your monitoring workflow. Instead of focusing on generic concerns like CPU or memory usage, work-centric metrics — like throughput or error rates — can tell you more about the work that your application or servers actively accomplish. In many scenarios, these “work-centric” metrics are the ones that can have the biggest impact on your systems.

In this webinar, monitoring experts from VividCortex and Datadog will get together to discuss:

  • How they define which metrics are "work-centric"
  • The solutions they use to track them
  • How to apply and leverage these metrics for the overall success of your business