May 28-30, 2019

Percona Live 2019

Make plans now to join us at Percona Live 2019.  Baron Schwartz, our Founder and CTO, is scheduled to give two presentations that you won't want to miss!  The first will be a major keynote address "Bringing DevOps To The Database" based on insights from his brand new ebook, DevOps for the Database. 

The second will be "Optimizing Database Performance and Efficiency," as part of the Observability & Monitoring track. The session will explain the best process for database performance measurement and optimization.  

Percona Live conferences bring together all types of database community members –DBAs, developers, C-level executives and more – to discuss the latest database trends and innovations.  All keynotes will be live streamed; set your reminder today. 

Below you will find more information about where to find us at the event! 

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Come find us to collect our latest animal hat addition plus other swag. And talk to us about how we help industry leaders increase their application speed, efficiency, and uptime everyday. (Pro Tip: Download your free trial now and get questions answered face-to-face)

May 29, 10:30 - 10:50am, Exhibit Hall Demo (Theater)
Come see Hansel Akers, VividCortex Sales Engineer, give a live presentation of our database performance monitoring software. Learn how you can gain insights into your database workload & query response across multiple servers at once, with one-second granularity.

May 29,  11-11:50am, Track Session (Texas 7, Floor 2)
Listen to Baron speak on Optimizing Database Performance and Efficiency. Abstract:   

It's easy for modern, distributed, high-scale applications to hide database performance and efficiency problems. Optimizing performance of such complex systems at scale requires some skill, but more importantly it requires a sound strategy and good observability, because you can't optimize what you can't measure. This session explains a performance measurement and optimization process anyone can use to deliver results predictably, optimizing customer experience while freeing up compute resources and saving money.

The session begins with what to measure and how; how to analyze it; how to categorize problems into one of three types; and three matching strategies to use in optimization as a result. It is a recursive method that can be used at any scale, from a data center with many types of databases cooperating as one, to a single server and drilling down to a single query. Along the way, we'll discuss related concepts such as internally- and externally-focused golden signals of performance and resource sufficiency, workload quality of service, and more.

May 29,  1-1:25pm, Keynote Lunch Panel (Texas 1, Floor 2)
Watch Abigail Bromilow, VividCortex Director of Product Management, participate in a lunch panel discussing the Changing Face of Open Source. Abstract:   

Panel discussion will feature topics such as views in cloud providers strip mining open source, how recent license changes in MongoDB, Redis, Confluent etc impact the community. Impacts and views on Kubernetes and containerization how it will impact the database ecosystem.

With countless data breaches as well as massive outages across all cloud providers and several large companies. Most are caused by human error or configuration issues. How do we harden our environments and guard against these and finally, most exciting technologies our panelists see on the horizon.

May 30,  9:50-10:05am, Morning Keynote (Zilker, Floor 1)
Join us as Baron speaks about Bringing DevOps To The Database to make the software development process faster, better, and cheaper. Abstract:

Why is it hard to apply DevOps to databases? How can we get better at it? This talk addresses those questions (and more) by exploring the real-life stories of teams that successfully changed their entrenched culture, workflows, and tooling - and others who tried.
Topics include:
*What research shows about DevOps, databases, and company performance
*Current and emerging trends in how we build/manage data tiers, and implications
*Elevation of the traditional dedicated DBA role and what's happening as a result
*Driving cultural change towards distributed database competency and responsibility 
*Why some teams succeed in this transformation, while others fail
*How your work will be better for applying DevOps and your business will benefit