26 - 26 October 2015

Baron Schwartz speaking at OSCON EU


Baron Schwartz will be speaking on Building Microservices with Go at OSCON EU on October 26th.

Below is an overview;

Go is great for building HTTP and RPC services. VividCortex’s infrastructure is Go-based, and there are a lot of lessons to learn from the experience building it. Here are some of the things we needed to do above and beyond what the standard libraries provide:

  • Using net/http effectively
  • Building an actually sane REST framework in Go
  • Dealing with garbage collection
  • Building a build system
  • Continuous integration and deployment
  • Running services (daemons)
  • Runtime inspection of all in-flight requests
  • Interacting with databases, caches, and queues
  • Building staging and development environments

Go heavily influenced all of the above, and there was additional work needed beyond just plug-and-play with the libraries. Much of this is now open-sourced on VividCortex’s GitHub repositories.

Click here for more details on the conference.