November 5, 2018

Engineering Your Data Tier: Lessons from Leaders

VividCortex is hosting this free event for our users to spotlight the work of companies that define state-of-the-art data engineering culture, data architectures, and DevOps practices. Industry leaders will share their first-hand knowledge of what really works - how to provide reliable, scalable, and agile data platforms that meet today’s needs and offer new opportunities for tomorrow.  

Monday, November 5:  San Francisco, California

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Guest speakers from premier technology firms share insights into data tier engineering

Time: 3:00 - 5:00 PM
Venue: The Village at 969 Market
Location: 969 Market St, San Francisco  

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A Monitoring Journey: Exploiting the VividCortex API. 
Nick Gaitanis, Engineering Manager of Production & Databases at the Ground Transportation division of, explains the journey his team has taken to monitor database performance and availability for one of the world's leading travel booking sites, managing hundreds of billions of queries and petabytes of data each month. Through the use of VividCortex, the team was able to efficiently optimize resource utilization. Furthermore, they have connected the VividCortex API to their own internal tools, providing a live view of the availability of production systems based on automated rules-based analysis of a multitude of metrics. As a result, databases perform better, improving communication of data across the business, building trust, and enabling customers to make their vision a reality.

Nick Gaitanis is the Engineering  Manager at the’s Ground Transportation business unit, leading the Production & Databases teams in managing and securing the infrastructure, enabling secure, highly available performant systems. Nick has worked the last 20 years in small and large teams, across Europe, solving problems and enabling teams to achieve their goals.Okta_Logo_BrightBlue_Medium

How VividCortex Transformed Database Monitoring at Okta. 
Prasanth Mathialagan, Software Engineer in Performance Engineering at Okta, one of the leading companies in Identity and Access Management for Enterprises, deep dives into how VividCortex has transformed the way his team monitors database performance. VividCortex has enabled the team to reduce the time that they spend identifying the root cause of database issues and helped them to take action immediately to prevent a poor end-user experience. At Okta, a plethora of tools are used for monitoring the system from end to end and VividCortex integrates easily with those tools, making monitoring a seamless experience. The query tags indexing feature in VividCortex is widely used at Okta and is helpful for identifying poorly performing API endpoints in terms of number of queries and time spent on the database.

Prasanth Mathialagan is a Software Engineer in Performance Engineering team at Okta. He has worked for over 5 years in building highly scalable and performant systems. His areas of interest include SQL optimization, GC tuning, chasing memory leaks and bottlenecks using APM tools. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science from University at Buffalo.logo

Data Engineering Trends: The Road Ahead.
Baron Schwartz, CTO and founder of VividCortex, will offer insights gained from interviews with engineers who are defining the leading edge in building platforms to power data-intensive businesses. Topics include a synopsis of today’s baseline practices, current and emerging trends and what they signify about the industry’s direction over the next several years as well as the implications for business and technology strategies, and how we’re seeing our customers respond to proactively shape the future.

Baron Schwartz is a widely-recognized expert on database internals, web performance, and large-scale application development. His best-selling technical books and open-source software are used by tens of thousands of engineers every day. He has a degree in Computer Science.

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