February 7-8, 2019

DevOps Days Charlotte

Join us in North Carolina for DevOps Days Charlotte!  Our CTO, Baron Schwartz, will be giving the opening keynote presentation on DevOps for the Database


DevOps for the Database  

Thursday, February 7,  9 am - Red Ventures Auditorium

Why is it hard to apply DevOps principles and practices to databases, and how can we get better at it? This talk explores real-life stories that answer these two questions, through the perspectives of teams that have changed the entrenched culture, processes, and tooling—and those who’ve tried. Along the way, we’ll cover topics including:

  • What the research shows about DevOps, databases, and company performance
  • Current and emerging trends in how we build and manage data tiers, and implications
  • The traditional dedicated DBA role, and what has happened as a result
  • What it takes to change from a DBA-centric culture, to one where database-related competencies and responsibilities are more distributed
  • Why some teams succeed in this transformation, while others fail

We can apply DevOps principles to the database, and our work will be better for it. This talk will show you how. 

Be sure to stop by the VividCortex booth to see our performance monitoring solution
in action - and snag one of our signature animal hats!