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The first database performance management solution designed for today’s large-scale, polyglot persistence tier. 

Though the market is rich in application monitoring solutions, they all too often overlook the database. VividCortex fills that gap by equipping companies and teams with the ability to see their data tier with more clarity and depth than ever before.

Unlike traditional monitoring that focuses on vanity metrics or APM that captures only a superficial app-centric view, VividCortex measures the performance and resource consumption of every statement and transaction, then uses patented algorithms to analyze and surface relevant insights so you can proactively fix future performance problems before they impact customers. It shows intuitive visualizations of database performance to your entire engineering team, with deep drill-down into fine detail. This enables you to delight your customers with a consistently high-performance experience, while shipping better code to production faster and more safely.

Used by enterprise businesses around the world, VividCortex is redefining what is possible with database monitoring.



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