About VividCortex Database Performance Monitoring

Founded in 2012, VividCortex has emerged as the leader in enterprise database monitoring. Our company is growing fast (#673 Inc. 5000) because we are laser-focused on helping our clients optimize database performance to serve their customers better.

Mission & Vision 

VividCortex Mission and Vision

We provide a different kind of visibility. 
Most application performance issues originate in the data tier. While other companies offer application performance monitoring tools, our unique expertise is in providing SaaS that is built specifically to measure the performance of your database. We do this because... 

Our mission is to make every engineer awesome at databases.

We envision a world where systems can be coded faster and run better because the people who build and maintain them use evidence instead of hunches. Our cloud-based platform will enable them to measure precisely how their applications and databases are interacting so they can continuously improve performance.

We are making this vision a reality by bringing together an extraordinary team of experts who are dedicated to certain shared values.


VividCortex Seven Core Values


Our 7 Core Values 

The following core values are our expectations for VividCortex as a company and for each individual colleagues’ traits, skills, and behaviors. Working together to live these values is amazingly productive and enjoyable!  We are:


  • Dedicated to understanding customers and their needs.
  • Prioritizing our decisions and actions to create value for customers.
  • Taking pride in our work, the results we deliver, and our impact on customers.


  • Authentic, grounded, self-aware, low-drama, and unselfish.
  • Listening deeply to gain profound understanding.
  • Practicing kindness, respect, empathy, generosity, and inclusivity.


  • Giving and receiving feedback regularly and skillfully, even in uncomfortable situations.
  • Understanding and practicing the obligation to “disagree and commit.”
  • Respectfully opposing behaviors that undermine our values.


  • Lifelong learners, inquiring and curious, optimistic, and coachable.
  • Embracing difficulty and uncertainty as a path to personal growth.
  • Challenging ourselves to get better every day.


  • Self-motivated, with a bias to action and “get it done” attitude.
  • Embracing and managing risk with small iterations that deliver value or information.
  • Prioritizing skillfully, avoiding paralysis, and focusing on progress toward outcomes.


  • Reliable: planning our work, preparing, showing up, delivering, and following through.
  • Seeking and committed to clear goals and deadlines.
  • Embracing accountability, avoiding blame, and using mistakes to learn and grow.


  • Recognizing that we are interdependent, that we succeed or fail as a team.
  • Giving and asking freely and constructively of ourselves, others, and the team as a whole.
  • Celebrating team cohesiveness because winning together is fun! 

These 7 Core Values are essential to the way we are building our company and recruiting other top professionals to join our team.  See Careers.

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