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Posted by Alex Slotnick on Mar 24, 2017 12:02:32 PM

Database management, monitoring, and general health call for a range of specialized resources. To ensure that databases function properly, you need specific monitoring, you need focused knowledge of how databases work, you need to understand what makes the database a unique layer of your technology stack. However, the database doesn't just matter to database experts and DBAs -- it plays a major role for entire organizations.

DevOps principles have embraced this fact, and progressive engineering teams work to involve their developers in database operations. Break down the silos! Give developers insight into how their code will affect the database in production. Make the system accessible to all and make development cycles faster and safer. As our 2016 survey, The Hidden Costs of Data Engineering, revealed, this is one of the areas where many organizations are aiming to make DevOps strides. 

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In a recent article for App Developer Magazine, Baron Schwartz explores these concepts for developers who might have less experience with database operations, looking at ways whole teams can assist in database management. Baron asks the question, "What's really behind your database bottleneck?" In his answer, he suggests that bottlenecks don't just come from technical issues -- they can have cultural roots as well. How does your organization think about the database? How do team members work together to keep the database in top shape?

Check out the full article here -- learn about shattering silos, forming tight feedback loops, identifying constraints -- and let us know what you think.

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