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Posted by Andrew Morgan on Mar 30, 2018 11:15:00 AM

We’ve added several major features since our last product update. These capabilities help you understand your database’s performance and health, get expert insights about topics like configuration and security, explore individual sample query executions fluidly, and store your most sensitive data on-premises instead of in our cloud platform. If you have any questions, contact us!

New Environment Summary Page

We’ve completely redesigned the Summary page to focus on the core set of metrics that matter most: concurrency, errors, latency, and throughput (CELT) -- the four “Golden Signals” of quality of service -- and key utilization and throughput metrics about hardware resources. These metrics will give you the insights you need to assess your database’s performance and health.

New Enviro Summary.png

Hover over the information icon to learn more about each metric and its importance. When one (or more) of these metrics show a change, click “What to do next” to get guided recommendations for identifying the queries causing the anomaly.

New Enviro Summary2.png

Below the system resource metrics are “Recommendations to Check.” These are expert best-practice recommendations designed to ensure your databases are secure and performing at optimum capacity. We’ve moved this to the Summary page so you can more quickly assess whether you’re getting the most from your system. For more information on these recommendations, see our Best Practices documentation.

New Enviro Summary3.png

The old Summary page will be available until April 30th, at which point we’ll switch everyone over to the new layout.

Query Sample Search

VividCortex captures raw samples of the queries that are sent to your database, in addition to aggregate query metrics. This provides richer detail into query activity, especially slow queries or queries which generate errors, and also lets you examine execution plans for opportunities to optimize.

You can now search directly through these samples to find particular queries of interest, instead of first selecting a query family through the Profiler. You can search samples by database, user, origin, latency, and connection ID. Clicking on the query digest will take you directly into the Query Details page.

Query Search1.png

For example, using this page you can search for:

  • query executions which took longer than 2 seconds
  • queries sent by a particular user
  • queries against a specific database which took longer than 5 seconds

As always, your feedback is valuable to us; we’ll be continuing to make improvements to this feature, so email support@vividcortex.com or chat with us in the app and tell us what you love and what we could be doing better!

Sensitive Data Vault

Customers who want the benefits that come from capturing query samples -- such as execution plans and the above query search feature -- but who may be limited by privacy or data protection requirements can now keep the raw text of their query samples within their own infrastructure. With our new Sensitive Data Vault, our monitoring software sends query samples to a local database you control and fetches those samples on-demand when you use the VividCortex webapp.

Customers simply download and run a lightweight application which accepts query text from samples, returning those samples back to a user when required. Only authenticated users who have appropriate privileges are allowed access. The Sensitive Data Vault is only accessible to users who are on your network, and does not accept any incoming connections from the open internet. The vault keeps you in control of your sensitive data.

This new capability is designed for enterprises that need to meet stricter security or compliance requirements. If you don’t need to store your monitoring data locally for those reasons, the existing cloud platform is probably a better option for you, and may even be more secure, depending on the sophistication of your own security capabilities. Licensing costs for the Sensitive Data Vault are not yet published, and we will work with our customers over a period of time to validate our pricing.

For more information about getting started with the Sensitive Data Vault, contact VividCortex Support by emailing support@vividcortex.com or chatting with us in-app. You can also contact your dedicated Account Manager.

VividCortex offers free trials; click below to navigate to the sign-up page: https://app.vividcortex.com/sign-up

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