Webinar Recap: VividCortex and Datadog Tackle "Work-Centric" Monitoring

Posted by Alex Slotnick on Sep 2, 2016 11:54:36 AM

Earlier this week, VividCortex's Preetam Jinka co-hosted a webinar alongside Datadog's Matt Williams. Together, they tackled one of the most important questions for effective monitoring practices: how to define what you should be looking at in your systems to get the most value for your efforts. If you missed the original broadcast of "5 Tips on Determining the Most Impactful Metrics in Your App," a free recording of the 40 minute webinar is now available, so you too can reap the benefits of Preetam and Matt's monitoring insights. 

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We also published a blog post recapping Preetam's 5 specific tips for making your monitoring more "work-centric." 


Here are a few more inside looks at Preetam's notes, to help delve deeper into each of his tips. 



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After Preetam and Matt each discussed their own approaches to the problem of "How do I determine the most significant metrics I should be looking at in my system?", they teamed up to answer and collaboratively discuss several excellent questions. These came both from Matt and Preetam's own experiences and from the webinar audience itself. 

From Preetam and Matt:

  • How does each app -- VividCortex and Datadog -- help users find problems? 
  • How much does a typical user need to know in order to use each app?
  • How much time do you need to gather a baseline amount of data?
  • How well do these services work with a modern microservices architecture?
  • VividCortex is more bottom-up. Datadog is more top-down. Which of these is better for a microservices architecture in which you have many different metrics, all over the place?

From the audience:

  • Do you only monitor what you want to optimize, or do you monitor everything?
  • Who is the primary user of each tool -- devs or ops?
  • These tools seems to overlap a bit. Which one should I be using?

Preetam and Matt went truly in-depth in addressing these questions, exploring specific use cases and features found in each of their monitoring platforms. We highly recommend watching the webinar recording in full to get the complete benefit of their tips and tricks. And, of course, if you've already had a chance to watch the webinar, we invite you to sign up for a free trial of VividCortex today.

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