HipChat Integration - Now Available on the Atlassian Marketplace

Posted by Alex Slotnick on Oct 10, 2016 9:35:00 AM

For busy users, we know it's vital for monitoring solutions to fit smoothly into existing workflows and team tool setups. That's why VividCortex's available integrations includes functionality with PagerDuty, Slack, VictorOps, and, most recently, HipChat, in addition to standard email alerting.


When any of these integrations is activated, VividCortex will route all alerts directly to the channel that you and your organization prefer. 

We're especially excited to announce the new HipChat integration. We use Hipchat ourselves, internally, complete with our implementation of a ChatOps Chatbot, and it's exciting to see the VividCortex app now compatible with a service we know so well. By receiving VividCortex alerts directly in HipChat, you'll be able to ensure that you never miss an important alert, and because these alerts can now appear right in your chat platform, you can give yourself a seamless way to forward notifications to teammates when it matters most.

You can find the HipChat integration details on Atlassian's marketplace here. As our documentation explains, setting up any of our integrations, including HipChat, is simple: 

  1. Login to your HipChat account.
  2. Select “Rooms” from the horizontal navigation.
  3. From the list of rooms select the room you want to route your alerts to.
  4. Select “Integrations” from the left-hand nav.
  5. Select “Build your own integration”.
  6. In the “Name your integration” field enter a name and click “Create”.
  7. Copy URL from the “Send messages to this room by posting to this URL” section.

We hope that as we increase VividCortex's integration capacity with your team's favorite tools, you'll find it easier and easier to monitor and understand your systems better than ever. If you haven't yet had the opportunity to see how easily VividCortex can fit into your organization's current set of monitoring solutions, request a free trial and get started today. 

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