Use VividCortex to View WiredTiger Metrics and Charts for MongoDB

Posted by Alex Slotnick on Mar 4, 2016 5:04:34 PM

VividCortex is designed to offer its users as much access and visibility into their database systems as possible. With that in mind, we're excited to let all of our MongoDB users know that VividCortex is capable of capturing, displaying, and navigating metrics and charts produced in MongoDB's powerful WiredTiger storage engine. 


Beginning with MongoDB version 3.0, users will have the option of selecting one of two storage engines: the default MMAPv1 engine, as used in prior MongoDB releases; or the new WiredTiger engine. As MongoDB's site explains,

For many applications, WiredTiger's more granular concurrency control and native compression will provide significant benefits in the areas of lower storage costs, greater hardware utilization, higher throughput, and more predictable performance.

Of interest to us and our MongoDB users, WiredTiger provides status variables, giving us the ability to monitor it. For users who opt for WiredTiger, VividCortex now has the ability to generate graphs for these variables and to provide insight into what's happening within the storage enegine, with an instance of that type -- similar to the way in which we provide insight for InnoDB. Here's what WiredTiger charts look like, as captured and viewed through VividCortex:


Using charts like this, MongoDB users will have the ability to easily monitor trends such as cursos leaks or metric spikes, occurring in such events as when a new process runs or a new app is installed. 

We're interested to see the sorts of accomplishments our users are capable of with WiredTiger, and as new, exciting technologies arrive on the scene to enhance these systems, VividCortex will continue to provide full monitoring capabilities to support those developments.

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