Ubersmith Case Study: Achieving Insights Beyond Database Team Roles

Posted by Alex Slotnick on Sep 22, 2016 5:59:32 PM

We just published a new case study based on feedback from our users over at Ubersmith, where we've been impressed by the awesome ways they've used database monitoring to empower their team to achieve insights even outside of database-focused roles.

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Ubersmith is a leader in business management software for the cloud, and their goal is it make it more efficient than ever for subscription-based organizations to deliver top-notch experiences, organize ever-growing subscriber lists, and boost revenue. Their all-in-one software suite includes advanced customizable billing, customer relationship management, help desk ticketing, and more. Naturally, databases are a key component of subscription-based services, and they are inherently at the core of Ubersmith’s operations.   

The case study covers a spectrum of different use cases that Ubersmith has found for VividCortex. One of these includes a great example of one of our favorite things to see great teams achieve: when non-database-focused developers and engineers use a monitoring platform to level-up their ability to interact with their database, to independently see the impact of their code, and to ship code with confidence about its effect on the system.

Here's an excerpt from the case study illustrtaing exactly that:

Pushing Code Safely, for All Customers

Without a full-time DBA, Ubersmith’s team employs VividCortex outside traditional engineering roles and responsibilities. It will be used by their operations team, their lead developers, and by other members of the development team who are working on refactoring and improving database queries. By providing a variety of users access to VividCortex, Ubersmith is taking advantage of one of VividCortex’s most powerful use cases: the ability for developers to test the effects of new code on the database before that code is released into the wild. 

For nearly every release of Ubersmith, they wisely run it internally, before publishing it for their customers. By using VividCortex to monitor and manage the performance eects that appear during these periods, Ubersmith can keep track of changes — both anticipated and unexpected. This can allow them to see how certain changes will aect clients before those clients get their hands on the software. This way, performance improvements implemented by developers as they relate to querying the database can be released to clients as known, understood quantities, to everybody’s benefit.

We love seeing what our customers are capable of. If you want to read more about Ubersmith and how they're revolutionizing business management for subscriber-based platforms, you can read the full case study here and check out their website.


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