Published by Kelsey Uebelhor on Mar 16, 2017 5:57:56 PM

See You on the Road at 2017's Shows and Events!

Calling all developers, DBAs, engineers, SREs, and database aficionados: we’re hitting the road and hope to see you along the way. It's always a highlight of our year when we get to meet up with our users and friends face-to-face, and we'll be attending events across the country (and abroad!) for the rest of 2017. If you see our booth, come say hello. 

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Published by Baron Schwartz on Feb 10, 2017 4:42:00 PM

JSON Support in PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and SQL Server

If you've been watching the evolution of database technologies over the past few years, you've seen how quickly JSON has quickly cemented its position in major database servers. Due to its use in the web front-end, JSON has overtaken XML in APIs, and it’s spread through all the layers in the stack one step at a time.

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Published by Alex Slotnick on Oct 27, 2016 6:26:42 PM

Webinar Recap: What's New in PostgreSQL 9.6 and MySQL 8.0?

Earlier this week, Baron Schwartz, VividCortex's CEO and author of High Performance MySQL, led a thorough webinar about the new and upcoming updates for a couple major databases: MySQL 8.0 and PostgreSQL 9.6. Attendees of the webinar had the opportunity to learn and ask questions about the most exciting, most impactful, and most overdue changes on offer in these latest iterations.

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Published by Alex Slotnick on Sep 29, 2016 6:48:13 PM

Upcoming Database Updates: A Very Brief Pronunciation Guide

As many readers already know, it's update season for a couple key database systems. This morning the PostgreSQL Global Development Group released PostgreSQL 9.6 and published an announcement covering need-to-know details. Similarly, MySQL 8.0 is right around the corner, and as the full numeric uptick to 8.0 indicates, it's bound to contain some significant changes. This is major news for many users of these platforms. In recognition of these shifts in the database landscape, we'll be hosting a webinar on October 25, where Baron Schwartz will look at the changes these updates contain, discussing features such as replication capabilities; more extensibility; improved performance; broader SQL implementation; and more. 

In the meantime, we wanted to take a moment to help prep users in a different way: this blog post is a quick, pocket pronunciation and etymology guide that we hope will assist readers in uttering the vowel-phobic names of these systems with confidence.

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Published by Baron Schwartz on Sep 16, 2016 1:19:26 PM

Surprising Behaviors of PostgreSQL Statistics Views

PostgreSQL provides a variety of statistics views that you can use to see what’s happening in the database. However, as with any complex system operating under a demanding workload, using these views may cause unwanted performance side effects, if you’re not careful. At the same time, the views have special behaviors that might surprise you if you’re not aware of them. If you’re planning to examine the PostgreSQL statistics views for any purpose, here’s what you should watch for.

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Published by Alex Slotnick on Mar 2, 2016 2:06:45 PM

Sometimes a Variety of Databases is THE Database You Need

We were just leafing through the 2015 edition of The DZone Guide to Database and Persistence Management, and we noticed some interesting stats in the guide's included survey, about which we'd like to share some observations. The survey is one of the ebook's central features, and it includes feedback from over 800 IT Professionals, with 63% of those respondents coming from companies with over 100 employees and 69% with over 10 years of experience -- they represent a significant and important cross-section of our industry.

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Published by Baron Schwartz on May 13, 2015 4:47:00 AM

Announcing VividCortex's Free Network Analyzer Tools for MySQL and PostgreSQL

We have released two free tools that will help MySQL and PostgreSQL DBAs understand the queries their database servers execute. As you probably know, we have spent nearly 3 years building the most advanced and efficient network traffic capture and decoding tools for MySQL and PostgreSQL. With the release of these free tools, we’re placing all the power of our traffic analysis libraries in your hands.

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on Apr 28, 2015 6:37:00 AM

Improvements in VividCortex's Query Digesting Algorithm

At VividCortex, the algorithm our agents use to digest queries needs to be fast and reliable. Accurately digesting queries into logical groups is important to providing a useful view of data in the UI - digest too few or too many and it becomes difficult to understand what the Top-Queries view is showing.

Though our algorithm is sophisticated, one of our PostgreSQL clients experienced an issue with query digestion. They had many queries of the form “select a,b,c from table where c = any(values (1), (2), (3)…)” which were not being collapsed correctly.

We recently improved our digest code to correctly digest queries of this form.

In both MySQL and PostgreSQL, “SELECT * FROM t WHERE a IN (SELECT aa FROM tt)” was incorrectly collapsed to SELECT * FROM t WHERE a IN (?). Now, the digest is the lowercased original query text, as there is nothing to collapse or conceal.

These are improvements that help our clients have clearer visibility into their database activity. We are always listening to customer requests, and our support brainiacs are constantly working to improve visibility and service. If you have not given us a try, sign up for a free trial today.

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Published by Baron Schwartz on Feb 24, 2015 3:16:00 AM

Schemaless Databases Don't Exist

There’s no such thing as a schemaless database. I know, lots of people want a schemaless database, and lots of companies are promoting their products as schemaless DBMSs. And schemaless DBMSs exist. But schemaless databases are mythical beasts because there is always a schema somewhere. Usually in multiple places, which I will later claim is what causes grief.

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