Published by Baron Schwartz on Jan 4, 2018 3:47:50 PM

2017 Year in Review at VividCortex

It’s easy to observe (pun intended) in the rear-view mirror. Hindsight bias aside, 2017 was a big year for VividCortex and our customers! We shipped lots of features and made tons of progress on the business. Here’s a brief overview of some of our proudest moments from 2017.

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Published by Karen Bender on Nov 7, 2016 10:05:08 AM

Why VividCortex Observes Election Day as a Holiday

In Abraham Lincoln’s words, the United States is a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” Not a select few, not people in just one area of the country, not only wealthy and privileged people, but all people.It's therefore our duty and responsibility to elect the officials who represent us by casting our votes on Election Day.

Most states require employers to give employees at least two or three hours off to vote. Some states require paid time off; others do not. Twenty states and the District of Columbia do not have specific laws that require that workers be given time off, either paid or unpaid, to vote. Virginia, where VividCortex is headquartered, is one of those states. Although we have an open paid time off policy and employees can use that time to vote, we have decided to close our offices on Election Day. Why?

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Published by Alex Slotnick on Apr 27, 2016 12:01:34 PM

Charitable Donations to Diversity-in-Tech

As easy as it is to go deep and get lost in the technical, nitty-gritty side of database monitoring, at VividCortex we prioritize always keeping at least one eye open to the world around us. This means we care about the health and happiness of our employees and friends day-to-day, in our office and at home; we care about striking a balance in how technology fits into our lives; and we care about equality and awareness within our industry at large.

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Published by John Potocny on Jan 20, 2016 2:46:40 PM

Solving a Go Communications Issue with A VividCortex Agent

Back in September of last year, a customer brought to our attention an unusual behavior: they were seeing inexplicable alerts, reporting that a host was failing to send data for more than fifteen minutes. Yet when the customer checked the host a short while after, they saw that no data was actually missing. Strange, we thought, so we began to investigate.

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Published by Anna Navatsyk on Apr 13, 2015 11:30:00 AM

Potential Perils of Using Google Calendar and Hangouts

Lots of businesses are using Google Apps, and with good reason. Google Calendar streamlines schedule coordination and is especially vital to use with sales prospects because the opportunity cost of getting a timezone wrong or having a prospect fail to show up is too high.

However, the Google approach still has a couple problems. First, Google Hangout is possibly the single worst way to have a call due to all kinds of plugin and permission issues. If the user could be invited with an email address from a secondary account, they may be unable to join. There are also hardware/audio/video issues, echoes, poor connections, etc. In short, Google Hangouts is a great way to completely fail the call.

If you choose to use another service, invitees can be really confused when they get an invitation to a GoTo Meeting event because Google auto-adds hangout links to calendar invitations. Which are they supposed to open?

There is a solution. Instead of Hangouts, use phone,, or gotomeeting – something that has good audio quality, allows direct dial-in, and doesn’t require any plugins to be installed by default.

Still use Google Calendar invitations, but disable auto-adding of hangouts. That way, you can still manually add if desired, but it is not automatic.

This requires the domain admin to disable it on a domain-wide basis. From, go to Apps, find Calendar, select Sharing Settings, and uncheck the “Automatically add video calls” checkbox at the bottom. For more details see

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