Published by Gustavo Kristic on May 6, 2016 5:41:00 PM

Addressing a Problematic MySQL Query and its Effects on Amazon Aurora

Since we announced our support for Amazon Web Service's Aurora last year, we've had great experiences working with customers who use Aurora as their database system of choice. And not only is Amazon's RDS excellent, so is their team and support.

Recently, we encountered a MySQL bug that was, in turn, having effects on Amazon’s RDS. The MySQL issue involved a problematic query that caused Aurora instances to crash under load; upon discovering this issue, we had the opportunity to work with AWS to identify the error in MySQL and fix it, so that it would avoid an impact on AWS’s systems. It turned out that the query itself posed a potential problem for all monitoring services -- not just VividCortex; fortunately, however, once AWS addresses the bug, the problem will be fixed for all monitoring products that might come across it, in regards to Aurora. Here's some background on the issue and how we addressed it.  

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