The "Pinning" Feature in the Metrics Dashboard

Posted by John Thomas on May 24, 2016 4:28:46 PM

VividCortex's Metrics Dashboard -- one of the app’s featured sections, easily located in the UI's primary left-hand column --  is a great place to see all available metrics produced by an organization's systems.


The way these metrics are organized is clear and easily understood, clearly communicating the metrics' names, a visual representation of each metric's activity, a note stating when each metric was first seen, and a note for when each metric was last seen. 


Because this dashboard offers such a powerful perspective for viewing a database's activity, it's useful to have some idea of how its information is organized. Upon intitally opening the dashboard, a user will find a few broad filtering options, including “New metrics only,” “Ignore time/host filters,” and a search bar, which allows a user to filter metrics based on the content of their names. 


Otherwise, when the dashboard first loads, its display is defaulted to filter for metrics that have recently been seen (using the time picker), though they’re not necessarily ordered according to the most recent. 


As powerful as the Metrics Dashboard naturally proved to be, it became clear that additional display and organization options could make it even more dynamic and user-friendly. Specifically, users asked for a way to build and save small collections of metrics that can then be easily retrieved. This is a great idea, and one we’ve been able to bring to fruition with our new "Pinning" feature.

Pinning is a simple and intuitive way to save metrics, by “physically” saving and affixing them as part of the dashboard display, regardless of what filter is applied. Activating the feature is simple: to pin a metric, just click the "pin" icon to the left of the metric name, in the left-most column of the dashboard.


Once pinned, a metric becomes a fixed part of the table, always displayed at the table's top; you can always distinguish which metrics have been pinned because the pin icon changes color and orientation, becoming turquoise and turning sideways.


A pinned metric will remain visible at all times, even if the browser refreshes or the user pages through the dashboard. Likewise, you can easily "un-pin" a metric just by clicking the icon again. Or you can remove all pins by clicking the link above the table on the right side. Alternatively, pinned metrics can also be hidden, if you decide you’d to view the table without them but you don’t want to lose those selections for future use.


Pinning is a fundamentally powerful idea, as it gives a user even more command over how they can view, select, and compare the information feedback presented by VividCortex. We plan to add "pins" to other areas and dashboards within the app, such as the Queries dashboard and Charts. Beyond that, we have plans to continue enhancing the actual functionality of pins by providing more features, such as sharing pins, so multiple users can look at the same pinned set of information.

As always, much of our most important feedback comes directly from our customers and users. We’d love to see you trying out pinning in the Metrics Dashboard as soon as you get a chance, and we look forward to hearing what you think.

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