The Hidden Costs of Data Operations: 2016 Survey

Posted by Alex Slotnick on Oct 7, 2016 1:33:50 PM

We're updating our eBook, "The Hidden Costs of Data Operations," and we need your help! 

In order to accurately reflect the data operations of companies around the world, we're launching a short, 3-minute survey to find out what day-to-day realities are like for people who regularly work with databases. Submitting also gives you the chance to win $100!


In order to provide our community with as comprehensive a picture as possible of data operations in 2016, we want to hear about your experiences working at organizations where databases matter. With your answers, we can present our findings about the realities--and the hidden pressures and costs--driving data operations today.

The survey will collect responses anonymously, and it includes questions about the kinds of databases used by organizations; the server types that cause the most headaches for operations teams; and how many resources are spent in maintaining those databases, in terms of time, money, and personnel. 

Our last version of this ebook was able to take findings from a 2014 survey and reveal some surprising truths about data operations across many organizations. For instance, we found that among companies with over 50 employees, "nearly 70% have teams of six or less [managing the databases], and there are many instances where a team of three or fewer was managing over 500 servers." 


How have things changed in the last few years? We need your responses to help us find out! The survey is quick and easy. Take a moment to fill it out, enter for the chance to win $100, and make your experiences part of the next report on "The Hidden Costs of Data Operations."


Take the survey here.


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