See VividCortex in Your Server's Time Zone

Posted by Anna Navatsyk on Jul 28, 2015 6:50:00 AM

Similar to databases, the modern IT team is often distributed. As remote work increases and employee locations span the globe, it becomes difficult to keep everyone on the same page. Our latest time zone update is a step toward this goal.

In the past, all the dates and graphs have been shown in the user’s time zone. VivdCortex has members in Charlottesville and Montevideo, which adds a level of complexity. If you have members in San Fransisco, Auckland, and London, communicating can get really complicated.


While this is still the defult behavior, you can also set a fixed time zone for an environment, ensuring every team member is looking at the same time. This is especially helpful when trouble shooting, optimizing certain queries, collaborating after a code deploy… the list goes on.


The current time zone will be shown in the timepicker for easy reference, and every time we display a date, we will also display the offset.



Like many of our features, this stemmed from the feedback of our awesome customer base. Please keep the suggestions coming to, and we will continue to redefine database monitoring.

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