Response To Aug 12 White Supremacist Rally in Charlottesville

Posted by Baron Schwartz on Aug 14, 2017 9:03:39 PM

The following is a message that I shared with our team today. I am posting it on our blog to make it publicly available. — Baron Schwartz, CEO, VividCortex


As many of you know, there was a rally of thousands of assorted white supremacists and counter-protestors this past weekend in Charlottesville. It was not a peaceful assembly. They threatened and planned violence in advance, they came heavily armed, and they committed deliberate, premeditated acts of assault, murder, and terrorism.

Let us be clear. This is not about political views or cultural differences. These are self-identified members of various fascist groups explicitly promoting white supremacy: Nazis, members of Vanguard America, KKK, EVROPA, and on and on. Their stated goal is a "white ethno-state." This is purely vile, despicable racism and bigotry, not differences of opinion that should be respected as "free speech." There must be no tolerance of this type of hatred in any society.

At VividCortex, we have four non-negotiable core values: empathy, growth, pragmatism, and inclusiveness. There is zero compatibility between our values and those who hate others like members of these groups do. We strenuously reject and denounce these groups, and their actions and ideologies. There is no place at VividCortex for anyone who engages in these types of behaviors, voices these types of opinions, or holds these kinds of beliefs, in public or in private.

My heart goes out to the victims of this weekend's cruelty, and their family members and friends. And to all of us, who cannot help being shaken by the very existence of such concentrated evil in our midst. Please take care of yourselves, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

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