PGConf Local in Philly: PostgreSQL Performance, in Theory and Practice

Posted by Alex Slotnick on Jul 18, 2017 4:07:38 PM

A few members of the VividCortex team had the chance to attend PGConf's local meetup in Philadelphia last week. The group came together to discuss anything and everything Postgres, including new features to be included in PostgreSQL 10, building a scalable time-series database on top of PostgreSQL, and common mistakes people make when migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

VividCortex's Baron Schwartz also presented, discussing ways to think about system performance when using PostgreSQL and practical ways for PostgreSQL teams to use these concepts to analyze and improve performance.

PGConf 2017.jpg

Baron's talk explained some of the fundamental, general ways teams can think about system performance, such as the different perspectives between users and service providers — a concept we've written about recently and called "The Zen of Performance." For PostgreSQL specifically, Baron discussed the importance of profiling, cultural biases around query logging, and the various performance instrumentation available to the database platform, along with their advantages and disadvantages:

  • The PostgreSQL slow query log
  • pg_stat_database and pg_stat_all_tables
  • pg_stat_activity
  • pg_stat_statements
  • Externally captured performance measurements

You can view all of the slides from Baron's PGConf talk below or on VividCortex's SlideShare page, where you can browse materials from many of our other past presentations. 

For more on PostgreSQL, watch a replay of our webinar "What's New in PostgreSQL 9.6 and MySQL 8.0," where we cover some of the ways these databases have evolved and how their features support the efforts of performance-minded users.

Watch the Webinar

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