Percona Live 2019 Recap

Posted by VividCortex on Jun 8, 2019 10:21:21 PM

Optimizing Database Performance, DevOps, the Changing Face of Open Source, and Customer Appreciation 

We had a great time at Percona Live 2019 in Austin, TX - delivering keynotes and spending quality time with our great customer base. Below you'll find recaps of our experiences! It was great to see you; relive it with us! 

Track Session: Optimizing Database Performance and Efficiency

Presented by VividCortex Founder/CTO Baron Schwartz

It's easy for modern, distributed, high-scale applications to hide database performance and efficiency problems. Optimizing performance of such complex systems at scale requires some skill, but more importantly it requires a sound strategy and good observability, because you can't optimize what you can't measure. This session explains a performance measurement and optimization process anyone can use to deliver results predictably, optimizing customer experience while freeing up compute resources and saving money.




Panel Discussion: The Changing Face of Open Source

Featuring VividCortex Director of Product Management Abigail Bromilow

There have been countless data breaches as well as massive outages across all cloud providers and several large companies. Most were caused by human error or configuration issues. First and foremost, how do we harden our environments and guard against these?  And lastly, what most exciting new technologies do the panelists see on the horizon?



Morning Keynote: Bringing DevOps to The Database 

Presented by VividCortex Founder/CTO Baron Schwartz

Why is it hard to apply DevOps to databases? How can we get better at it? This talk addresses those questions (and more) by exploring the real-life stories of teams that successfully changed their entrenched culture, workflows, and tooling - and others who tried. 

Topics include:

*What research shows about DevOps, databases, and company performance
*Current and emerging trends in how we build/manage data tiers, and implications
*Elevation of the traditional dedicated DBA role and what's happening as a result
*Driving cultural change towards distributed database competency and responsibility 
*Why some teams succeed in this transformation, while others fail
*How your work will be better for applying DevOps and your business will benefit


Customer Dinner at the Bonneville 

We loved seeing all of our customers that attended Percona Live, and we hope you enjoyed the reception! For more pictures contact your account rep. 

VividCortex-Customer-Dinner amena-vividcortex-percona
vividcortex-austin-percona-live-dinner tara-vividcortex-percona

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