New Ebook: Sampling a Stream of Events With a Probabilistic Sketch

Posted by Alex Slotnick on Mar 16, 2016 2:49:34 PM

Stream processing is a hot topic today. As modern Big Data processing systems have evolved, stream processing has become recognized as a first-class citizen in the toolbox. That’s because when you take away the how of Big Data and look at the underlying goals and end results, deriving real-time insights from huge, high-velocity, high-variety streams of data is a fundamental, core use case.


That's why we're excited to share our newest free ebook, Sampling a Stream of Events with a Probabilitisc Sketch. This book discusses a sophisticated technique we’ve developed to select representative samples of query traffic on database servers. Using a probabilistic data structure known as a “sketch,” among other techniques, we're able to effectively drink from the stream of Big Data.

Covering topics that include disambiguation of sampling, the "curse" of aggregates, why "the simple solution" doesn't scale, and how we, at VividCortex, employ probabilistic sketching, this ebook will prove useful to anybody interested in maximizing their grasp of Big Data.

To download your free copy of the ebook, click here

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