First Episode of New "Brainwaves" Podcast Series - Listen Now

Posted by Alex Slotnick on Feb 23, 2017 6:13:39 PM

We're excited to share the first episode of VividCortex's new podcast, Brainwaves! Join us as we dig into topics related to databases, data management, technology startups, and engineering in general. This show is an opportunity for us to get our synapses firing about the cutting edge developments in tech—databases in particular.

We recorded this episode a little while ago, in early January, and it's titled "The Galactic Empire Should Really Consider Amazon RDS." We used the then-new Star Wars movie, Rogue Onewhich, as part of its plot, includes a look into the data storage systems of the Star Wars universeas an excuse to launch a discussion about the ways various organizations select the database system they ultimately rely upon. Are there set methods involved? What factors should organizations consider? In this episode, I'm joined by VividCortex's Kelsey, Preetam, and John. We'd love to hear your feedback: Are there any topics you'd especially like us to discuss in future episodes? Please feel free to leave any comments below. 

Update: Brainwaves is now available on iTunes, where you can subscribe and catch all future episodes.

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