LCFC Site Crash: Not Using Database Monitoring is Like Not Using a Goalie

Posted by Alex Slotnick on Feb 8, 2016 1:13:47 PM

Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday, and for those of us in the USA, where the NFL championship is like a national holiday, it can be easy to forget that a different kind of football is actually the most popular sport in the rest of the world. On Saturday, soccer fans had their own scintillating match to enjoy, as the English Premier League, soccer's biggest arena, saw powerful Manchester City lose a key game to the league's serious underdogs, Leicester City F.C. Now, Leicester has become a contender to win the entire league -- in the aftermath of their upset over Man City, there's been celebration, heckling, disbelief, and soccer punditry aplenty

Oh, and in the middle of Leciester's moment of triumph, their website crashed.




Last week we published a piece discussing the question, "When Is It Too Late to Monitor?" One of the major takeaways of that post was the idea that organizations need to consider database monitoring even before they ever face a crisis. It can be extremely difficult to know in advance when your systems will face a surge in traffic and suffer extra strain, and if you don't have sufficient monitoring capabilities established ahead of time, there's a significant chance you'll find yourself overwhelmed just as Leicester's site did here; you won't know you've missed the opportunity to start prudent monitoring practices until it's too late. This is especially true for organizations and companies who want to find growth, success, and attention quickly (and who doesn't want that?), who inadvertently attract database activity far beyond what they can actually handle without a monitoring tool. 

It might seem unexpected to see this sort of database cautionary tale unfold in a place like a soccer league. But Leicester City Football Club's website overload is a perfect demonstration of how an organization's major success can lead to its database's major malfunction, thanks to huge activity spikes. We all love underdogs, and it's a shame to see something preventable like this dampen an otherwise big victory. When this happens, you need to have a tool ready to assist in providing insight and visibility. Whether you're already a major player (like Target was, during Black Friday) or up-and-coming champs like Lecisester City F.C., it's a mistake to take your systems and prudent monitoring practices for granted.

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