How SendGrid Ships Better Code Faster with VividCortex

Posted by Samantha Toet on May 11, 2018 5:17:30 PM

VividCortex CEO Baron Schwartz and SendGrid DBA Silvia Botros teamed up to discuss how performance monitoring leads to better, faster code deployment. This 30-minute webinar covers: 

  • How developers can deploy code faster and more safely.
  • A close-up view of a health- and monitoring-focused work environment.
  • How database monitoring fits into a culture of DevOps and lean, agile development. 
"Now, with VividCortex, whenever we have an issue that's impacting the mail processing throughput, we can very quickly go and answer, "What was running at that time? What was the most expensive query? What was taking up all the load?" Within an hour, we can typically figure out exactly which JIRA WAR to go to." 
—Silvia Botros, Lead MySQL DBA

Take a look:



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