Highlights from Percona Live 2017

Posted by Alex Slotnick on May 4, 2017 4:48:26 PM

Percona Live 2017 is a wrap! What did we think? Baron Schwartz shares a few of his thoughts in the highlight reel below. Some of our favorite parts of the show included:

  • This year there was an especially great combination and blend in how the show presented different open-source database technologies. The conference did a great job bringing the ever-expanding industry together.
  • MongoDB showed up in a big way. MongoDB is emerging as a true leader among NoSQL tech. 
  • Percona XtraDB Cluster showed its true capabilities, deployed large-scale, in production. It's demonstrating success handling heavy workloads. 
  • Time series data asserted itself as a new category with special prominence. Several vendors at the show addressed this category specifically, alongside a few new open-source projects. 
  • The show offered an entire track on AWS, with much depth and a variety of approaches.

You can also watch a full recording of Baron's keynote address here, titled "The Future of Monitoring is Distributed."

But what was it really like to actually be at the conference, on the scene? Here are a few of the best shots from our Percona Live 2017 photo album.

Percona Live Full Hall.jpg
A full hall for Baron's keynote panel.

Percona Live Baron Keynote.jpg
Baron Schwartz presenting at Percona Live.

Baron Keynote Panel.jpg
The keynote panel.

Percona Live Preshow Booth.jpg
A pre-show shot of the VividCortex booth being set up. Empty... for now...

Percona Live Full Booth.jpg
The VividCortex booth during the show, full and buzzing.

Free Demos Percona Live-2.jpg
A group of attendees watching a free demo of VividCortex.

Percona Live 2017 Animal Hat Fans.jpg
A fan of our famous animal hats alongside our technical recruiter, Teresa Novoa. Also... we're hiring!

Percona Live Networking Reception.jpg
A beautiful day in Santa Clara, CA.

VividCortex Napkin-1.jpg
A delicious shot from the VividCortex-hosted cocktail hour.

Percona Live Full Team.jpg
The full VividCortex Percona Live team in attendance.

Stay tuned for more recaps from Percona Live 2017, including reviews of Baron's breakout session and the breakout sessions by Preetam Jinka, one of VividCortex's engineers. Were you at this year's show? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

And now that Percona Live 2017 is over, if you want to try VividCortex yourself, on your own systems, let us know by requesting a free trial

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