Explode Charts To Drill In With VividCortex

Posted by Baron Schwartz on Oct 6, 2017 12:20:56 PM

VividCortex is designed with two key scalability requirements in mind: it must perform well in large environments with many hosts, and the UI must help users understand and inspect those environments easily. The universal time selector, the host filter, and other features let you start with a top-level summary, grasp what’s happening in your entire environment no matter how many hosts, and then drill into hosts, time ranges, queries, and metrics of interest. We’ve enhanced our charting and graphing capabilities to make this same zoom-in-drill-down inspectability easier, too.

When you load a charts dashboard, you’ll see charts that contain one line per metric. For example, if I view my MongoDB dashboard and use the top-navigation filter to quickly limit the view to “checkpoints,” I’ll see the following single chart.


Notice how the subtitle says “Average of 5 hosts.” Each line on this chart is an average of 5 hosts’s metrics. VividCortex makes it simple to explode this chart into individual ones so you can see what’s happening with each host separately:


When you do this, VividCortex goes from one chart with averages of each metric, to one chart per host with metrics broken out separately. It opens up a new browser tab for this so you don’t lose your place. We designed this so you can explode a chart, inspect, and continue working without needing to navigate back and forth.

This workflow enables scalable charting and graphing, using either custom or prebuilt dashboards for MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Redis, with simple drill-down. We hope you like it! Submit any questions or ideas for enhancements with the in-app chat, and we’ll keep making things better for you.

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