Expert Insights To Slay Problems And Be More Awesome Faster

Posted by Baron Schwartz on Oct 10, 2017 10:41:33 AM

We’ve improved VividCortex to help you focus on what matters most in your data tier’s performance, configuration, and behavior. Now it’s easier for you to be more awesome for your team and your customers, without needing to actually be an expert!

Navigate to the Health section of the app (clicky clicky), and the first thing you’ll see is a comprehensive set of recommendations for anything amiss in your configuration, queries, and more. This applies both to the database and to the operating system. Our guiding principle is: we’ll show you what you need to know, what you need to do, and how to do it (as much as possible).


You can filter, mute, and drill into any of the recommendations to learn more. These expert insights are based on our own years of combined experience, as well as what you, our customers, have taught us. The result is instant focus on what’s most important to know and do.

In our testing with customers, it’s caught tons and tons of problems they didn’t know about, or thought they’d already solved. “Hey, we still have the wrong filesystem on db-28? We just fixed that on all 50 clusters, how did we miss that one? And why does mongo-prod-12 have completely open auth settings?”

The recommendations are based on a comprehensive and flexible set of heuristics and pattern-matching systems that inspect configuration, status, metrics, query-level behavior, network packet contents, EXPLAIN plans, security settings, and much more. They’re specific and nuanced for each technology we support: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and the Linux OS.

These features are generally available to all customers immediately. Don’t see what you expect? Found a problem we didn’t show you? Tell us. We’ll make the system smarter and everyone will benefit automatically!

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