Custom Dashboards in VividCortex

Posted by Baron Schwartz on Sep 26, 2017 11:01:16 PM

VividCortex now offers custom dashboards, which are collections of charts you can curate as you wish. Custom dashboards are shared across your team, so they're a great way to ensure everyone has access to the metrics that you use to monitor and inspect system status and health. And you can give them meaningful names, which is one of only two hard things in computer science, so your dashboards can be full of win.

In the "Choose Dashboards" navigation menu item, there's a new option to "Add Custom Dashboard." Type in a name, and then you'll have an empty custom dashboard. You can also clone an existing dashboard (either custom or prebuilt) to get started.

Custom Dashboards

When you're viewing a custom dashboard, it's easy to add a chart to it. Just start typing and you'll get autocomplete suggestions based on chart and metric names. There's turnkey charts for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, operating system metrics, and much more.

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You can rename custom dashboards, too, in case naming got the best of you the first time around. "Pumpkin Spice Dashboard" probably wasn't the best name to pick. Hover over the name and you can edit it.


And we've simplified the charts, metrics, and dashboards navigation so you can find it all in one convenient place, under Charts on the lefthand navigation menu. Once you're there you can toggle between dashboards and metrics at the top.



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