Charitable Donations to Diversity-in-Tech

Posted by Alex Slotnick on Apr 27, 2016 12:01:34 PM

As easy as it is to go deep and get lost in the technical, nitty-gritty side of database monitoring, at VividCortex we prioritize always keeping at least one eye open to the world around us. This means we care about the health and happiness of our employees and friends day-to-day, in our office and at home; we care about striking a balance in how technology fits into our lives; and we care about equality and awareness within our industry at large.


In this post, we'd like to share a couple diversity-in-tech initiatives that we've spoken about with Charity Majors of Facebook and Sylvia Botros of Sendgrid; these are organizations that we've decided to support with charitable donations, where we believe our contributions are in excellent hands.

The National Center for Women & Information Technology works to correct the gender imbalance in tech and computing, in order to improve workplace conditions, innovation, and business performance for all. NCWIT has alliances with an amazing variety of organizations and specalizations, including an entrepreneurial alliance, a higher education academic alliance, a k-12 alliance, plus more. They have partnerships with companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Pfizer, and Bloomberg. The work they do is clearly vital to the continued progress of tech in all industries, and we're proud to support it.

The Gophercon Diversity Scholarhsip is a fund that helps minority groups attend Gophercon, the extremely successful and popular Go conference, where they can learn about the language, network, and become part of the larger community. The Gophercon organization has done an amazing job with these annual meetings, which is no easy task. Go is extremely important to us, and it's exciting for us that there's such a high quality conference attached to it, especially one that champions a scholarship such as this. VividCortex will be attending this year's conference, July 11-13, in Denver, CO. 

We should also share some of the context for recent donations we've made to each of these initiatives, as we owe a lot to Charity and Sylvia, as mentioned above. At Percona Live this year, VividCortex's CEO, Baron Schwartz, had a scheduled speaking slot, as a sponsor. However, we believed that there could be a better use for that opportunity: Baron's had the chance to speak at such events many times over the past few years, and that platform could be an occasion for newer voices to connect with key audiences. Baron reached out to Charity and Sylvia, to ask if they'd be willing to help -- a big favor. They did, they did great jobs, and, with their advice, we make these donations as our way to say thanks. 

Each of these organizations and initiatives is worth looking into; if these topics are important to you, consider how you might contribute to their cause. There's so much happening in tech, in database systems, and in the businesses surrounding them, it can be tempting to overlook what really makes those entities function: people. However, as these initiatives and their causes grow -- and as the people they represent find firm footholds in our company and the companies around us -- we know that every other part of our industry and culture will grow alongside them.

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