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Published by Matt Culmone on Mar 1, 2018 9:21:04 AM

Announcement: p99 Percentile Metrics

I’m pleased to announce that VividCortex now offers 99th percentile metrics to help understand latency outliers in a query workload. These metrics provide visibility beyond the average latency, help identify the worst outliers, and improve focus on the customer experience. They are offered for all of the databases we currently support when using On-Host monitoring.

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Published by Matt Culmone on Jan 23, 2018 9:07:24 AM

It's Inevitable. Your Database Will Fail

Will my database fail?

Databases fail. No one can promise 100% uptime, it’s impossible. Whether the database is large, small, on-premise or cloud-based, all have the potential to fail. This could be transactional errors, system crashes, out of memory errors or out of disk space errors. Sometimes they fail suddenly and sometimes they just can’t cope with growing demand and “fail slowly” over a period of time.

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