VividCortex Adds Query Analysis Features

Posted by Miguel Trias on Feb 11, 2016 7:58:59 PM

VividCortex is all about optimizing your queries. Many of our users asked us to analyse their queries, searching for common errors and mistakes.

It's true that there are some excellent tools out there to perform the same tasks, such as pt-query-advisor from the great Percona Toolkit. But having this information available right in our web application is something we always wanted to do, too. And today we released that!

Today we added Query Analysis to our Profiler tool, so as of now, you will have less trouble finding your bad queries. Query Analysis analyzes queries with heuristics. It can find bad application patterns, SQL bugs, and all kinds of other obvious and subtle issues.

The notifications count in the Profiler now includes queries that present some problem. This is the column with the little bell icon and the yellow and red warning counts:


 When you navigate to the Query Details page, an additional Failed Rules metric shows you how often those notifications are triggered:


To see the heuristics that an individual query triggered, you can click on a sample (the circle in the Query Details interface) to see the full description of the query analysis notification. Notice the last line in this screenshot:


Query Analysis is an intelligent advisor for your queries, designed to help you catch issues and solve them. It's also a foundation for what we're going to add later, since there is a lot more intelligence we can add for other specific cases. Please let us know how it works for you and send us your suggestions with the in-app support chat!


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