New Edition of popular Ebook: The Essential Guide to Queueing Theory

Posted by Alex Slotnick on Sep 12, 2016 4:38:07 PM

We're excited to announce that we've updated one of Baron Schwartz's most popular ebooks -- about the fundamentals and need-to-know aspects of queueing theory -- with a new, free edition: "The Essential Guide to Queueing Theory." 


If you're familiar with the older edition of the ebook, you know that it provides some of the best guidance available for understanding and employing queueing theory without getting bogged down by complex or esoteric explanations. The goal of "The Essential Guide to Queueing Theory" is to make queueing theory accessible and practical: with the proper guidance, the theory becomes a powerful tool for solving details problems, for navigating queueing-based scenarios with unintuitive solutions, and, of course, for optimizing database performance management.

The additions to this version of the ebook are substantial, and they include:

  • New discussions on the meaning of queues, with concise conclusions and bolded summaries. The section "Queueing in Real Life" covers these takeaways in practical terms.
  • Newer and cleaner charts and graphics.
  • New rule-of-thumb approximations for quantiles of residence time based on the work of Dr. Neil Gunther.
  • A new example of latency, based on The New York Time's interactive feature on Usain Bolt's starting time off the block, to illustrate the typical shape of latencies.
  • Continued discussion of the properties of the exponential distribution. 

Be sure to download your free copy of the ebook today. And if you're interested in seeing how advanced queueing insights can be put to use in building an efficienct database monitoring solution, request a free trial of VividCortex and see how it works on your own systems.

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