2016: VividCortex's Exciting Year in Review

Posted by Alex Slotnick on Dec 31, 2016 10:58:49 AM

As New Year's festivities start up around the world, VividCortex has many reasons to join the celebration. We're exhilarated and grateful to think back on how far we've come over the past 12 months. This has been a year of non-stop progress for our team and in what we've seen VividCortex's users accomplish.

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Just like last year, VividCortex's most important successes of 2016 have come from customers' experiences, especially from the individual people who have lived with VividCortex's technology and given us feedback. Here are just a few snippets from the many stories we've heard in 2016.

  • "Even with only a few members of our team initially using VividCortex, it was so easy to spot problems. We were able to bring maximum CPU utilization spikes down from 80% to 10%.... VividCortex gave us the necessary information to determine what was problematic. We have been safely fluctuating under 10% utilization for many months now."
    - Jesse Forrest, Tradesy

  • "We didn't have something like VividCortex before. We had nightly jobs, batch jobs, reports that read again read-only servers. We have all these different things, and VividCortex gave us a really good glimpse into what exactly the database is doing, and when it's doing it. Now, I think there's a lot of opportunity to use VividCortex: to see top twenty or so queries running against huge tables, to see how they're being queried against." 
    - Todd Newell, Paylease

  • "With VividCortex,  I don't have to wait for an end user or a log line to tell me that something is not okay. I have instant information... VividCortex has given us an entirely new dimension on our upgrade testing that we didn't have before. The value of that can't be overstated."
    - Jeremy Tinley, Etsy

We can't stress enough how much we value these kinds of anecdotes, the stories we hear, the times our users let us know how our solutions are helping them--and all feedback on what we could be doing better. Thanks to customers and users like these, VividCortex has seen constant growth, both this year and in the years prior. Below are a few of the indicators that help represent the big strides we've made as a company in 2016:

  • We've nearly tripled our recurring revenue, exceeding booking goals quarter after quarter. 
  • We completed a round of Series A funding and added NEA to our list of investors, which included Battery Ventures and the Center for Innovative Technologies. 
  • We've continued to build our senior management team with experienced leaders from fantastic backgrounds. 
  • Our team has grown across the company, with brand new departments for HR and Finance.
  • In customer success, we identified the golden motions and predictors both of deepening engagement and churn. We reduced already-low churn even further, and proved that even when our initial deal is small our customers tend to expand adoption rapidly. 
  • We now have a team dedicated to security, formalized our processes and controls, and we are on track to achieve important certifications in early 2017.
  • Thanks to this growth, we've moved out of our old office on the outskirts of Charlottesville, VA to a brand new, much bigger space directly downtown, with even more space being built out as I type. (Want to see it in person? We're hiring!)
  • The VividCortex app has grown week after week (our Product Updates blog is also new as of 2016) and showcased industry-leading additions, such as Role-Based Access Control and Single Sign-On Support. We've enhanced the product's security monitoring features and its scalability capabilities, and we've consistently improved and updated all existing features across the board.

2016 can't come to an end without our sending our deepest and sincerest thanks to all our friends and users one more time. Our company's progress wouldn't be possible without you and your help.

What will we accomplish in 2017? More growth, without a doubt, more great additions to our team, more innovative success stories from our users, and many more developments in our technology. We already have some exciting things in store.... We look forward to working with you on more and greater successes in 2017. Happy New Year!

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