A Gratitude List

Posted by Baron Schwartz on Nov 30, 2015 12:06:36 PM

A gratitude list is one of my favorite ways to influence my mood. Here’s a gratitude list on Thanksgiving Day 2015 (United States) to express some of the reasons we are so fortunate at VividCortex to have great customers, employees, investors, advisors, friends, vendors, community, and more. This list will omit lots of things and people equally worthy of inclusion, but that’s the point–a gratitude list only makes you aware of how much larger than 26 the list really is.

Amazon Web Services, without whom VividCortex would have been much harder to get off the ground.

Bugsnag, which helps us diagnose many confusing problems our customers experience but we can’t reproduce.

Customers. All of them.

Dyn. A special customer who took a chance on us before we were a “safe” service to risk trying.

Employees, past, present, and future (we’re hiring).

Free Software. As in beer, and as in speech. Several of us are FSF members.

Go, which has probably reduced our technical overhead by 50% through compounding effects in various ways.

HighScalability.com for being an inspiration and for cultivating interest in the disciplined pursuit of better performance.

Intercom for connecting us and our customers more directly and frictionlessly. Customers consistently praise “our” support chat.

Julien Schmidt and Arne Hormann for writing the MySQL driver for Go that we use.

Kate Matsudaira for advice, inspiration, and encouragement from the first early ideas onward.

LinkedIn for connecting the world of business in new ways.

MySQL for so many reasons.

Nespresso several times a day.

Open Source is this a duplicate of Free Software? Doesn’t matter.

Percona to whom I personally owe so much.

Quorum Algorithms and Raft for making possible many distributed systems such as Consul and Zookeeper, both of which we use. Also for being cool.

Static Site Generators which is why we haven’t been hacked and turned into an unwilling assistant of some nefarious corner of the Internet.

Time Off to reflect like today.

Uber for ferrying us around between venture capitalists and customers and conferences and billiards.

VictorOps for being our event timeline and communications backbone when things get a little dicey.

WCGW gifs to keep it light-hearted on the chat channel (and give us more reasons to be thankful).

X might be an eXercise for the reader, or it could be for the oXford Comma.

Y is also coming up blank for me right now.

Zlib for helping reduce our data ingest and Kafka disk space usage.

Thank you.

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